Macglotech Steel Service Centre Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian-owned company, involved in manufacturing of transformer parts, called cores. The cores are made from Grain Oriented (GO) or Non-Grain Oriented (NGO) electrical steel (or common name called silicon steel/silicon electrical steel) of various grades that are produced by foreign mills in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China and United Kingdom.

Core products, either in the GO or NGO category, are developed through past experience and involvement of servicing countless customers at home and abroad. They enrich modern living in vital usage of micro motor to power transformers in electrical appliances, such as ballast, all types of transformer & all types of motor.

Macglotech Steel Service Centre Sdn Bhd is more focus on the Asia Pacific region business. Our core products have been distributed to domestic market and export to countries such as India, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and China. We have our own in-housed Research and Development Division to fabricate the die and mould to higher end products which are capable of reducing wastages and also increase productivity such as double cavity to four cavities.

In 2008, many new machines have been acquired to produce a wider range of cores products namely three varies kinds of cores named motor core, cut core and ring core/toroidal core in order to put us in a more competitive advantage (differential focus) and also to benefit from higher profit margin with economy of scale.

Macglotech Steel Service Centre Sdn Bhd has a wholly owned subsidiary company, Macglo Steel Service Centre Sdn Bhd which is involved in sourcing of raw materials and producing slitted coils and value-added cores products manufacturing in which 14% are passed to Macglotech Steel Service Centre Sdn Bhd and the balance 86% for sale in the domestic and oversea market.

Our company is always on the look out for latest technology to improve our manufacturing process. We are currently upgrading our Microsoft Access database to Microsoft SQL database. This new MRP system can trace raw material from the on set until the finished goods level by barcode. We are able to identify the finished goods that are produced from the source of material used, specification, width, thickness and weight. It strengthens the coordination between Purchasing, Planning, Production, QC, and Store departments. It also linked to our Accounting Software and from the analytical data generated from the database, we are able to monitor and control internal and external factors such as credit risk, pricing, quality, and quantity. The reports are also used for the ISO quality procedures and monitor the targets set by our company.

In conclusion, we have ongoing planning and strategies in pricing, quality, Speed delivery, customer service and high technology machine to compete with our competitors. We are looking forward to enter new cores market and become a one stop centre for all kind of cores products

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