Set up a company - Macglotech Sdn Bhd.

Produced Silicon EI core 120 MT monthly in Puchong.
Set up a company - Macglo Steel Service Centre Sdn Bhd (Macglo) and rent a factory Lot in Kepong. Macglo bought a big Slitter & a Small Slitter Machine and produced Silicon Slit steel coil 1200 MT monthly.
Macglo bought a Shearing machine to enhance their produce/services range.
Macglotech sold Sg. Buloh plant and moving with Macglo to Shah Alam plant.

Macglotech has 13 Punching machines, produced quantity is 900MT monthly

Macglo has total 3 Slitting machine, produced quantity is 3000 MT monthly
Obtained ISO 9001 : 2000 Certification .
Macglotech produce quantity is 1200MT monthly in EI core and UT core.

Macglo produce quantity is 3800MT monthly including Silicon Electrical steel 2200MT.
Macglo acquired existing Shah Alam Plant (Lot 37901).
Macglo set up additional one small cut core machine (width 300mm) and installed Single Sheet Epstein tester and Franklin tester.

Macglo had started to use the newly developed Building Integrated Photovoltaic Modules (BIPV) to generate environmental friendly energy for its production lines.
Set up a company – Macglotech Steel Service Centre Sdn Bhd (Macglotech)

Acquired a land & built a Plant in Sg. Buloh. Produced Silicon EI core 400 MT monthly.
Macglotech has increased production to 600 MT per month.

Macglo has increased their product range to Cold Rolled, Electro Galvanizes, and produced Silicon Slit steel coil quantity increased to 1800 MT per month & others Slit coil 800 MT per month.
Macglo concentrates selling one product range, that is - Silicon Electrical steel and provide outsource service on slitting & shearing services of other flat roll coils like GO, cold rolled, EG, GI etc.
Set up a company - Huizhou Macglotech Industries Precision Ltd.

Acquired land and built a factory & office in Guangzhou, production capacity is 1000 MT per month in China for supply Silicon EI Core market in China.
Macglotech bought one 220 ton motor core high speed machine.

Macglo bought one cut core machine (width 640mm).

Macglotech bought two ring core machines.
Obtained ISO 14001:2004 certification.
Macglo expansions factory and set up additional one cut core machine(width 1000mm).

Set up a company - PT. Macglo Steel Indonesia.


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